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All of our trainers and therapists are certified and understand that no two bodies are alike. Tell us your goal, the crazier the better, and we'll help you get there.



Kenny Spracklin
Head of athlete development
Head athletic therapist

Kenny is a certified strength and conditioning expert specialized in achieving peak levels of performance through functional sport specific workouts. With well over a decade of experience working with professional and olympic athletes from various organizations such as the NHL, KHL, MLB, NFL, CFL, UFC, NCAA and countless national teams around the world. Additionally, I am a certified athletic therapist that can analyze, assess, and clean up areas of your body that aren't functioning correctly.


Colin Louie
Strength and conditioning specialist

Colin is an osteopath and strength and conditioning specialist with over ten years of experience working with a wide range of athletes from high school to professionals. He is also an athletic therapist at his core, which helps him have a holistic approach when treating and training the body.


Emilie Hadida
Athletic therapist

Emilie is an athletic therapist with over eight years of experience working with athletes from various sports ranging from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League to competitive soccer players. For the past five years, Emilie has evolved her practice by using a one-of-a-kind therapy technique to improve her clients' body imbalances with impressive efficiency.


Brianna Gribble

Brianna is a Kinesiologist who has worked with fitness enthusiats, rehabilitation clients, and athletes in both Ontaria and Quebec. She bagan her career at the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario working with rugby, volleyball, our national wheelchair basketball & figure skating teams.


Marc Giroux
General Manager

Marc is our gym manager and is happy to answer any questions related to our services and current offers. Need help? Just ask!


Cory Wener
Athletic Therapist

Cory is an athletic therapist and strength and conditioning specialist that has spent the last three years working with junior AAA hockey teams, collegiate hockey, football, and basketball teams. He blends his therpapeutic skills to his training approach when working with clients and athletes.